February 22, 2019

About me

I am a barrister specialising in employment law. I qualified in 1999, read for a masters degree between 1999 and 2000, and have been in practise since 2000.


I am an employment law specialist and regraded as a leading junior barrister in employment law. I am regularly instructed in Employment Tribunals in discrimination claims, whistleblowing, business transfer and harassment claims as well as those involving termination of employment, including unfair and constructive dismissal and breaches of contract.


I am based in London and I regularly appear in the Employment Tribunal throughout England and Wales as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland; the Employment Appeal Tribunal, County Courts and the High Court. I sit as a part-time Employment Judge in England and am the only English practising barrister to sit as a Deputy Chair of the Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal.


As a barrister I undertake considerable amounts of work advising on employment rights and employment law, assess the merits of claims and defences before they are issued as well as during the litigation process, I also draft of tribunal papers and pleadings for parties. I have written numerous articles on employment law, a book on Social Media and the Law, and have presented numerous webinars and seminars.


I am able to accept instructions under the Bar Council’s Direct Access Scheme and enquiries via that scheme can be made here. Alternatively, enquiries can be made via my Chambers. or by filling out this form.


Please bear with me as I construct this site.

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and other odd laws have been identified by the Law Commission in their Legal Oddities post here! Topically these include it being illegal to slide on ice in the street. However, thankfully, you can be […]

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Practice and Procedure

Loose lips sink…cases

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In two different cases in different courts and tribunals the same issue has arisen: what to do with a witness who, during a break whilst they are giving evidence, talks about their case in disregard […]

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International take on”gay cakes”

January 16, 2019 0

In The UK and Northern Ireland Late last year papers were full of decision in Lee v Ashers Baking Company and others. In this case the Supreme Court determined that a Northern Irish baker did […]


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