July 19, 2019

Having achieved a Certificate of Excellence and the Quality Mark in Briefed’s Platinum level Data Protection Compliance Bundle I am committed to ensuring your private information is retained as securely as reasonably possible. For this reason I will retain your papers for only so long as I need to.

For instance, once any appeal date has passed I will dispose of your papers securely. The manner of their disposal will depend on the format in which I have them. For electronic copies of documents and emails this means I will transfer your data from my computer onto a 256-bit encrypted and brute force protected archive device which itself will be stored at a venue remote from Chambers.

Whilst I am trying to work as paperlessly as possible nowadays owing to the huge amount of wasted paper this job produces, I will still probably have hardcopy documents for your matter (for instance the other side at a hearing may provide me with written submissions). If this happens then I will scan these documents and store them as an electronic document (see above). However, all hardcopy documents will be securely disposed of by placing them into a cross-cutting shredder the shredded document will be fed into an enclosed incinerator for burning.

If you do not wish me to do this then please do let me know in good time.