April 3, 2020

Here are a few of the articles I have written on employment law.

Chambers Employment Law Newsletters

Here are some of the Chambers newsletters in which articles written by me have been published:

  • Spring 2020: on covert recording of meetings;
  • Summer 2019: on social media and professional misconduct;
  • Summer 2018: a 5 minutes with…;
  • Spring 2017: on Early Neutral Evaluation, and how will it work;
  • Spring 2016: on an employer’s rights to “snoop” on employees emails.

New Law Journal

Here are a few articles written by me and my regular writing partner Chris Bryden:

  • Third Party Pieces” a look at vicarious liability.
  • Decision Time” looking at the searchable employment tribunal database.
  • Becoming Anti-Social (Part 2)“: looking at what the recent European Court of Human Rights decision on employer’s rights to “snoop” into their employees emails actually means.
  • Becoming Anti-Social (Part 1)“: the risk of social media misuse by regulated professionals is looked at here
  • An Own E-Goal: another gross misconduct dismissal for social media misuse.
  • A Little Bird Told Me“: whether dismissal for twitter comments was fair.
  • About Time“: looking at the application of Mitchell v NGN in the employment tribunal.
  • A Weighty Issue“: is obesity a disability?
  • Executive Decisions“: considering the new Presidential Guidance in Employment Tribunals.
  • Back and Forth“: looking at some key developments and predicting the future.
  • Appealing Option“: the law on naming respondents in discrimination claims.
  • Beware of the Web“: practical guidance on Social Media policies in the workplace.
  • No Hard Feelings“: the Employment Appeal Tribunal provides more guidance on harassment claims.
  • Damage Limitation“: what can employers do to reduce the risk of litigation arising when their employees misuse social media?
  • Drawing the Line“: a review of the laws that seek to prevent sexual harassment
  • A High Hurdle“: the limitations of claims to protect privacy brought under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.
  • An Unsatisfactory State of Affairs“: considering the effect of the EAT’s decision in Brennan on the apportionment of damages in discrimination claims. Part 2 of this article “Early Bird” was also published.
  • Recovery Position“, reviewing Employment Appeal Tribunal case law on costs recovery and a discussion of the tactical questions the case law raises.
  • Strictly Liable“: the law of vicarious liability after Weddall.
  • An Alternative Route“: is there a way for an employee to claim injury to feelings when they have been unfairly dismissed.
  • All Change?” a look ahead to the Employment Law year.
  • The Social Network“: the impact of social media in the workplace.
  • Deciphering the Code“: Appeal Tribunal guidance on the ACAS Code.
  • Gone but not Forgotten“: when will an ex-employer be liable for the comments made by an ex-employee?
  • Moving forward“: a look at employment law reform.
  • Safeguard or Straightjacket“: is TUPE 2006 a help or a hindrance to business?
  • Contentious Third Parties“: when can an employer be liable for harassment caused by a non-employee?
  • Unhappy New Year” a rebuke to criticisms of the tribunal system.
  • A Fine Balance“: A reminder of the dangers of office gossip.
  • Risky Business“: how should employers deal with accusations of criminal conduct by their employees?

Other Publications

Reputational Risk for Social media misuse“: Internet Newsletter for Lawyers: looking at the risk of reputational damage by inappropriate use of social media