“This is an extremely useful and practical book, to which I have frequently made reference.” Lord Justice Jackson

Published by the Ark-Group in June 2016 the book is available here. A free sample extract of the book can be obtained here.


Forward by Sue Nash, chairman of the ACL’ and the ‘Introduction: Costs – What’s the (current) issue?

Part 1: Budgeting
Chapter 1: Costs management
Chapter 2: Incurred and future costs
Chapter 3: J-codes and the new bill of costs
Chapter 4: Using technology to reduce litigation costs and remain competitive

Part 2: Funding
Chapetr 5: Conditional fee agreements
Chapter 6: Damages-based agreements – Still not fit for purpose
Chapter 7: Third party funding

Part 3: Offer and Recovery
Chapter 8: Part 36 and costs – An overview
Chapter 9: Proportionality – A brief plotted history from Woolf to Hobbs (via Jackson)
Chapter 10: Qualified one way costs shifting
Chapter 11: Mediating the costs of the action – ADR’s alternative to detailed assessment

Part 4: Practice Area Focuses
Chapter 12: Costs in family proceedings
Chapter 13: Costs in the Technology and Construction Court
Chapter 14: Costs management strait-jackets in commercial litigation
Chapter 15: Costs in the Employment Tribunal