The Public Access Scheme has shaken up how consumers are able to use barristers and has reduced their costs accordingly.

I am qualified to accept direct access instructions and am a member of a number of platforms that promote Public Access to the Bar, including the Bar Councils Direct Access Portal, however you can instruct me through my site.

Frequently Asked Questions

I frequently get asked these questions about the Public Access Scheme and so have set out the FAQ below to assist.

The scheme allows members of the public to instruct barristers without the need to go through a solicitor or other third party.

The main advantage of the public access scheme is that it could potentially save you money, since you would be paying my fees only instead of a barrister and a solicitor. However, although the I would be able to deal with many aspects of the case, you may have to assist in some areas, including filing documents with the court.

In short I can do anything under the Scheme which a barrister can normally do: for instance, I can offer a clear assessment on the strength of your case, giving you sound advice about how is best to proceed; I can draft the claim or response, and can assist you in the presentation of your case and represent you at the employment tribunal.

Please note that, as I sit as an Employment Judge in the region, I cannot and will not undertake any work that arises out of the South-West Regions (i.e. Bristol, Exeter or Southampton Employment Tribunals or their associated hearing centres) further, I cannot undertake work in Jersey as I sit as Deputy Chairman of the Employment and Discrimination Tribunal there.

I try to work on fixed fees so that you know exactly how much you will be paying for what work. I do not undertake work in a no-win-no-fee basis under the Public Access Scheme, indeed, the Bar Council advise against barristers doing this.

The fee will be agreed between us in advance and will depend on a variety of factors including what work is required, the amount of preparation required, the timescale, nature and the complexity of the work.

I have produced a short guide here containing tips you may wish to adopt to reduce your fees further. 

My chambers will process the payment and can accept bank transfers and credit card payments.

Get in touch! You can either fill in the form here or contact me via Chambers. I will contact you within my next working day and begin discussions with you to assist me to understand your matter in a bit more detail so that I can provide a fee quote to you. To assist me in this it is incredibly useful if you are able to provide me with the information requested in the form below.

If I am able to help then I will provide a Client Care Letter which, when signed and complied with, forms a contract between us. For regulatory reasons I will require certain documents including:

  1. Certified proof of identity (e.g. passport);
  2. Certified proof of address (e.g. most recent back statement, utilityy bill).

Until I get the Client Care letter returned to me with these documents I cannot undertake the work, so it may be helpful, especially if time is tight for you to obtain them quickly.

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I have put together a set of guides to help you reduce your legal costs further.

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