July 19, 2019

Here are a few articles published by me:

Becoming Anti-Social (Part 2)” January 2016: looking at what the recent European Court of Human Rights decision on employer’s rights to “snoop” into their employees emails actually means.

Becoming Anti-Social (Part 1)” January 2016: the risk of social media misuse by regulated professionals is looked at here

Commenting on social media: reputational risks” November 2015 looking at the risk of reputational damage by inappropriate use of social media

An Own E-Goal“, March 2015: another gross misconduct dismissal for social media misuse.

A Little Bird Told Me“, February 2015: whether dismissal for twitter comments was fair.

About Time“, January 2015: looking at the application of Mitchell v NGN in the employment tribunal.

A Weighty Issue“, August 2014: is obesity a disability?

Executive Decisions“, June 2014: considering the new Presidential Guidance in Employment Tribunals.

Appealing Option“, September 2013: the law on naming respondents in discrimination claims.

Beware of the Web“, July 2013: practical guidance on Social Media policies in the workplace.

No Hard Feelings“, April 2013: the Employment Appeal Tribunal provides more guidance on harassment claims.

Damage Limitation“, February 2013: what can employers do to reduce the risk of litigation arising when their employees misuse social media?

Drawing the Line“, November 2012: a review of the laws that seek to prevent sexual harassment

A High Hurdle“, September 2012: the limitations of claims to protect privacy brought under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997

An Unsatisfactory State of Affairs“, June 2012, considering the effect of the EAT’s decision in Brennan on the apportionment of damages in discrimination claims. Part 2 of this article “Early Bird” was published in July 2012.

Recovery Position” May 2012, reviewing the recent EAT case law on costs recovery and a discussion of the tactical questions the case law raises.

Strictly Liable“, March 2012, the law of vicarious liability after Weddall.

An Alternative Route” March 2012: is there a way for an employee to claim injury to feelings when they have been unfairly dismissed.

The Social Network” November 2011: the impact of social media in the workplace.

Deciphering the Code” August 2011: Appeal Tribunal guidance on the ACAS Code.

Gone but not Forgotten” June 2011: when will an ex-employer be liable for the comments made by an ex-employee?

Safeguard or Straightjacket” March 2011, is TUPE 2006 a help or a hindrance to business?

Contentious Third Parties” February 2011: when can an employer be liable for harassment caused by a non-employee?

A Fine Balance“, January 2011: A reminder of the dangers of office gossip.

Risky Business“, October 2010: how should employers deal with accusations of criminal conduct by their employees?