What do you need to do to engage me?

Get in touch! You can either fill in the form here or contact me via Chambers. I will contact you within my next working day and begin discussions with you to assist me to understand your matter in a bit more detail so that I can provide a fee quote to you. To assist me in this it is incredibly useful if you are able to provide me with the information requested in the form below.

If I am able to help then I will provide a Client Care Letter which, when signed and complied with, forms a contract between us. For regulatory reasons I will require certain documents including:

  1. Certified proof of identity (e.g. passport);
  2. Certified proof of address (e.g. most recent back statement, utilityy bill).

Until I get the Client Care letter returned to me with these documents I cannot undertake the work, so it may be helpful, especially if time is tight for you to obtain them quickly.

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