Michael Salter employment law barrister standing in front of a bookshelf

About me

I am a barrister and specialise in employment law and professional regulation. Click here to find out more about my areas of experience and specialisms, and to see my CV.


I am rated as a leading junior in employment law. Read what the directories and instructing solicitors say about me here.

Courses and eBooks

I am producing a series of eBooks and online courses focusing on discreet areas of employment law.

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Settlement Agreements

I can advise on settlement agreements. Click here to see if I can help you.

Independent Investigations

I am experienced in undertaking workplace and other investigations e.g. disciplinary, grievance and into industrial relations at workplaces.

Webinars and Courses

I am currently developing a series of eBooks and online courses on aspects of employment law.

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Direct Public Access

You do not need a solicitor in order to instruct me.

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Paperless Working

I have worked paperlessly for years and have written a short guide for those considering making the leap.

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Settlement Agreements

I advise employees on the terms and effect of settlement agreements they have been offered by their employers.

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Independent Investigation

text for independent investigations goes here.

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