I receive a fixed fee quote for Direct Public Access services?

Yes, some barristers may offer fixed-fee quotes for Direct Public Access services. It's up to the client and barrister to agree on the fee structure that suits them best.

 Is Direct Public Access only for individuals or can businesses use it as well?

Direct Public Access is available for both individuals and businesses, However, some barristers may choose to only offer DPA to certain types of clients.

 Are barristers obligated to accept all Direct Public Access instructions?

No, barristers have discretion to decide whether to accept a particular instruction or not. They may decline to take on a case if they are not comfortable with the subject matter or if they believe that they are not the best suited for it.

 Can barristers provide Direct Public Access services remotely?

Yes, barristers can provide Direct Public Access services remotely, such as through phone or video conferencing.

 Are barristers required to have insurance when offering Direct Public Access?

Yes, barristers are required to have insurance to protect clients in the event of professional negligence.

 Are barristers who offer Direct Public Access subject to the same rules as those who only work through solicitors?

Yes, barristers are subject to the same professional rules and regulations, regardless of whether they offer DPA or not.

 Is there a regulatory body overseeing Direct Public Access?

In England and Wales, the Bar Standards Board is the regulatory body that oversees the Direct Public Access scheme.

 Are there any mandatory training or CPD requirements for barristers offering services under the Direct Public Access scheme?

Yes, barristers offering services under the Direct Public Access scheme are required to comply with mandatory training and CPD requirements set by the relevant regulatory body, such as the Bar Standards Board.

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