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Are you struggling with legal issues concerning employment law? Employment law is a daunting challenge and figuring out what rights apply to each situation can be confusing.

I have the expertise to help. I am an experienced specialist barrister who provides high-quality advice and representation in a variety of employment matters including unfair dismissal, redundancy rights and discrimination. My practice covers all aspects of UK legislation relating to both employers’ obligations as well as employees’ rights.

Using the direct access scheme, you will be provided with straightforward advice on how to handle complex legal problems quickly and effectively so that there are no surprises down the road. And because I take pride in offering personalised service for every client I work with, you can be sure that your case is being handled by a professional who understands exactly what you need.

See the accompanying blog posts for more information or contact me to discuss instructing me under the direct access scheme!

I understand that choosing the right barrister to handle your legal matter can be a difficult decision. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please click the "Email me" button below to get in touch with me. I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

What is the Direct Access Scheme?

The direct access scheme is a way for you to instruct an independent barrister to represent you in litigation and legal proceedings, and obtain specialist legal advice without having to go through a solicitor or other third party first. This means that you can have direct access to barristers and have a more active role in your case. This is in contrast to the traditional method of instructing barristers, where the solicitor would act as a go-between.

I have a short blog post here that sets out the advantages of the direct access scheme.

How are Solicitors and Barristers Different?

Many ask what is a barrister and how do they differ from a solicitor. The substantial difference between the two professions is that a solicitor will handle the legal paperwork associated

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with a case and bring expert project management skills to the claim, while your instructed barrister will represent you in court and provide legal advise clients on their litigation.

Barrister are qualified to appear as advocates in any court in England and are highly specialised with detailed knowledge in their area of law, so they can provide expert representation. In addition, barristers are independent from solicitors and can provide you with unbiased, objective legal advice on the strengths and weaknesses in your claim

Which Barristers can Accept Work under the Direct Access Scheme?

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Barristers who can accept instructions under the Direct Access scheme must be members of the Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme and have undertaken the relevant training. This allows members of the public to access barristers’ services without having to go through a solicitor. The register of barristers can be viewed here.

Is the Direct Access Scheme Complicated to use?

If you are like many litigants in person, you may have heard about the direct access scheme but are unsure about what it entails. You may be wondering if it's really as straightforward as it sounds, and if it's the right choice for your case. You may feel that you want to understand the direct access scheme so that you can feel confident in your ability to handle your own legal representation and choice of barristers.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the direct access scheme is that it's overly complicated and paperwork-heavy. But in reality, the process of instructing barristers under the direct access scheme is straightforward. Here is my blog post on the four stages of the process.

To get the best out of the scheme requires some preparation and I have produced a small guide as to how you can maximise the benefits to you of the scheme and the administration that comes with it. The Guide can be requested here.

What methods are there to find a barrister to instruct under the Direct Access Scheme?

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There are various methods you can approach a barrister and see if they represent you under the scheme. As you would expect there are methods for all technologies. Firstly, you can contact .

barristers chambers, such as 42 Bedford Row. Some have their own direct access sites designed specifically to assist with the instruction of their barristers

The Bar Council operates a free Direct Access Portal. This directory lists all barristers who are able to accept instructions directly from members of the public who have signed up to use the Portal. Appropriate barristers can be searched by area of expertise, location or name and there are details to help you discover their experience and qualifications. You can also check the Bar Council’s ‘Find a Barrister’ website which provides information about barristers and their practices.

Clerksroom Direct provides access to a large number of barristers. You an register on the system for free and then have opportunities to search the potential barristers and reduce you scope of your search by applying various filters such as location, expertise and fee. myBarrister is an online directory that provides an online search process to find the barrister they want, or can ask for assistance from myBarrister staff.


To sum it up, the direct access scheme can be an effective and cost-efficient option for individuals seeking legal representation. It is straightforward, it can save you money, and it puts you in charge of your case. If you're feeling confused or unsure about the direct access scheme, rest assured that with the right guidance, it's manageable, and it could be the right choice for your case.

I understand that choosing the right barrister to handle your legal matter can be a difficult decision. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Please click the "Email me" button below to get in touch with me. I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.