With my experience in employment tribunals I have a firm understanding of what constitutes a full and fair investigation. In my role as a barrister I have decades of experience involving cases that look at the scope and sufficiency of grievance and disciplinary investigations. In my role as an Employment Judge I have had to pass judgment on the adequacy (or not) of similar investigations.

As a legally qualified chair of police disciplinary panels I am often faced with professional investigators and their reports into alleged misconduct.

I am ACAS trained in investigations, am appointed to a County Council's register of independent investigators and have conducted investigations into industrial disputes at workplaces.

I have presented seminars and in-house training sessions to solicitors and HR professionals,  which have explained how to carry out disciplinary and grievance investigations properly and how to minimise litigation risk in doing.

By appointing me as an independent investigator your legal team will still be able to provide you with privileged legal advice that I will not see and both sides to the dispute can be satisfied of my independence.

Types of Investigations Undertaken

I have experience in the following types of investigations:


Organisations of all shapes and sizes need to ensure that, if an employee raises matters that may constitute a "protected disclosure" under the Employment Rights Act 1996, a proper investigation of the allegations takes place and appropriate steps are taken thereafter (including taking appropriate disciplinary action against any wrong-doers). A failure to take adequate steps may lead to criminal and regulatory investigations with adverse findings against the employer, negative publicity, and tribunal claims from employees.

Discrimination and Harassment Investigations
Allegations of discrimination, including harassment, have been thrust into the spotlight recently. They are fact sensitive and require careful consideration and analysis. Employers want to remove discrimination from their workplaces ensure protection for victims and the processes to report acts of discrimination are open and transparent, yet confidential.

Grievances vary with the number of employees. Policies are equally as numerous and diverse. Grievance investigations need to ensure they comply with the different polices and address the concerns of the individuals and organisations.

Misconduct and Disciplinary Investigations
Having extensive experience in employment tribunals I am well aware of the common pitfalls employers fall into when conducting these forms of investigations. I can provide support and guidance to ensure these risks are reduced and your investigations are as robust as possible.