Make an Award Winning App the Heart of your Paperless Operation

A PDF editor forms the backbone of any paperless working system, as that’s the format of the files you are likely to get from a scanner. PDF expert was Described by MacWorld as the “must have document utility”, and it is easy to see why this app has won numerous awards.

I have recorded a short series of videos about PDF expert showing how to compile a single file from numerous attachments; what lies behind the various menus and how to annotate and edit in the app. These can be viewed on my YouTube channel here.

This app enables you to do almost anything to the PDF file that you can do to a page or a file of papers the pdf file, and a lot more. PDF Expert allows you to:


  • Underline and strike through text at the touch of a button;
  • Highlight text, whether by using the mouse, apple pencil or your finger;
  • Erase any errors made;
  • Bookmark pages for easy access so you can jump to them immediately;
  • “go to page” function (unlike some other apps), want to go to page 50 when you re on page 1,000: then just type in 50 to the goto page box;
  • In-app facility to search for any word (if the PDF is OCR’d): e.g. you recall the word “biscuits” was mentioned in one of the 1,000 pages in front of you, but cannot remember where: type “biscuits” into the search box and PDF expert will do the rest, telling you on what pages the word “busicits” was mentioned;
  • put post it notes on to the page, which can be written on and that when you tap will expand;
  • pages can be inserted into the existing document by “appending” them to the original file, then just dragging and dropping or copying and pasting them into place;
  • password protect documents;
  • extract copies of pages from the document so as to be able to share them (email, text message)…also managed in-app;
  • redact the document;
  • storage can be local (on the ipad, or on the cloud)


There are two different versions (one for the Mac Operating system, and the other for the ipad/iPhone iOS) as you would expect they work seamlessly together, and whilst I know of people who use only the iOS version (available from the App Store) perfectly well and get the full benefit from it, if you have a Mac then I would strongly recommend the MacOS version as well as using a mouse/trackpad it is easier to drag and drop pages into the bundle part way through than using your iPad screen, it’s a real quality of life matter, and as I say one can be used easily in isolation, but the, the mac version makes this a lot easier